The Words of Larry Hughey.

With One of The Leading Fabric Stores in Carmel, Indiana: Elevate Your Interiors To Make It Seem As If New!

In the sparkling year of 2010, a bold and enterprising spirit stirred within me. A vision blossomed like a radiant sunrise as I quested on an adventure of my creation - a cleaning business like no other, with the birth of "Larry Hughey's Interior Refurbishing," a name that whispered elegance and bespoke quality. The joy of cleaning! It was an enchanting dance with instant gratification, transforming spaces into pristine realms of beauty and charm.

Then, like a serendipitous melody, fate played its hand. A call rang out from the halls of American States Insurance, now SAFECO, seeking a master of transformation. They yearned for someone to breathe new life into their tired office panels, and without hesitation, I answered their call. For one year and eight months, I waltzed among the office cubicles, turning their dull panels into resplendent tapestries of grandeur. The rewards were bountiful, filling my pockets with gold coins and my heart with immense satisfaction. Those were the days when fortunes smiled upon me like benevolent Gods.

Yet, as all chapters must eventually conclude, so did my time in the kingdom of office refurbishing. Setting my sights on new horizons, I remained a humble wanderer, with my cozy work nook nestled in the embrace of my home. And then, a thought blossomed within me, a curious idea to revisit the roots that nurtured my dreams. Like a nostalgic traveler retracing their steps, I turned to my dear father and asked for the chance to return to the hallowed grounds of Hughey Hartman Interiors. 5335 N. Winthrop Ave – the address where memories bloomed. A colossal sanctuary spanning thirteen thousand square feet embraced me with open arms. It was a haven of creation, teeming with possibilities.